Friday, December 23, 2016

Ah, the joys of another holiday season.   The time of good cheer, and helping out your fellow man.  Joy to the world, and all that lovely dribble.

You ever see one of those people that just can't put a grin on their face during the holiday season.  One of those people that the term  'Merry Christmas' is a personal slap in the face. One of those people that, from their earliest memories, Christmas and the holiday season stood for  more fighting, more yelling, more broken bones, more reasons to just go hide and wait for the season to pass.

Ever wonder what it's like to be the person behind that face, in the picture above ?  To be that person, and wonder why the holiday festivities missed you.  Why the holiday season delivers heart ache, loneliness, and bitterness. Fortunately  it'll pass,  the season is almost over.

One of the true holiday movie classics  'It's A Wonderful Life', has a scene in it, just before Jimmy Stewart meets his gaurdian angel.  Just before Jimmy Stewart dives into the half frozen river.  You know the one. That's what Christmas time brings to so many. but it'll pass, January is only a few days away.

I once had someone tell me  'oh you're not forgotten', in response to a sign I was flying.  Try my shoes on, and tell me if they're not those of the forgotten.  No, I'm not forgotten in the eyes of the government, as long as I'm willing to go sign up for welfare, put my hand out, and say  'gimme'.  Yeah, it's just the usual holiday doldrums, it'll pass....  Spring is only a couple of months away.

So, when one sees the eyes of the person that the holidays have missed, be aware, it'll pass.  I ask for nothing, I expect less, and I'll make do with what I've got.

No Merry Christmas, No Happy Holidays, No seasons greetings.....  You enjoy your festivities,  and remember.....   It'll pass.

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