Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An Open Letter to Mayor Sam Liccardo, the Council Members of San Jose, CA, the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, and friends

Good day…  I hope this message finds you healthy and at peace.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Walt Hansen.  I am a resident of San Jose, I work here, I  sleep here, I am part of San Jose.  Some of the people that are reading this may know me.  I believe some of the people that know me may say I am a kind hearted, friendly, contributing member of society.  That what I bring to San Jose is noteworthy, that I enhance   the  area of downtown San Jose, to those people, I most humbly say ‘thank you very much for your kind words’.  Some may say I’m an unwelcome annoyance, and to those I have no response.

The occupation that I have found myself in is that of a street musician.   I stand in various locations in downtown San Jose and play a flute.  My music ranges from pop to jazz.  I’ve been told by many that it improves the atmosphere, and adds that ‘extra something’ to the place.  

I drop a hat at my feet, and live off what donations are placed there.  I never ask for a dime, not one.  I also refuse to ask for social services help.  Not food stamps, nothing.  Welfare wasn’t meant for people like me.  Welfare was meant for mothers with children, not for people that are capable of standing, and hustling out a living out of what’s there. 

Recently I was handed a notice, of an ordinance that’s gone into effect for the upcoming superbowl week.  This ordinance states that I will not be able to legally play anywhere in downtown San Jose, from approximately February 2nd, through February 9th.

I suggest to you, that this is a decision that needs to be re-examined.  Is this the way you wish to treat the people that make San Jose their home the other   51 weeks of the year ?
The notion that the powers that be of San Jose would tell me, a veteran, that asks for nothing, and does contribute to the city of San Jose, that I am not welcome to earn a living during one of the biggest celebrations in the country, is beyond belief.  

San Jose is telling me,  ‘we’re having a party, please stay away’.  San Jose is telling me, ‘you’re not good enough for us’.  San Jose is telling me, ‘we don’t care that you served your country, we don’t care that you add to the flavor of downtown day in and day out’.  San Jose is telling me,  ‘go to hell’.
So  Mayor Liccardo, council members of San Jose,  National Football League,  Super Bowl 50 Host Committee,  are you going to tell a normally accepted member of downtown San Jose that he can stand outside, and look in, but please don’t expect to be welcomed at your party ?  

I welcome discussion on this subject.  Feel free to walk up to me while I’m out playing music, and I’ll certainly listen to your point of view.  I can regularly be found  in various spots on the  Paseo de San Antonio, as well as a few other spots. 
I am personable enough, if the various interviews and questions I’ve had are any  proof.

I want to be part of this city.  

I enjoy downtown San Jose, and many residents of downtown have enjoyed what I do.   Do the right thing, and make it legal for me to play in downtown during this celebration.  

Walt Hansen
Facebook  walthansen55