Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today.... just another insult

Hi there....

If you're one of the people that once followed my previous blog, welcome to this one....  Email me and let me know you're there.

I'm still in San Jose,  I'm still doing the street musician thing,  I'm still on a constant chase for the cheap flute smith, to make good leaky flutes into  non-leaking, great flutes.

One would think, as time goes by, that the people of downtown San Jose would get even just a tiny bit wiser.  That they would come just a bit closer to opening their eyes, but no, they seem to get even more ignorant, less caring than ever.

In the past week or so, every time that I have set up somewhere and played music, I end up with the pan handlers descend upon me.  That I can deal with.  What I can not deal with is watching people shove money into the hands of pan handlers, while I play music for nothing !   I wouldn't object all that much to making nothing, but to hand money over to people that are doing nothing, and ignoring me is beyond insulting.

So....  To you people of San Jose, to you people that gladly pull money out of your pockets to support the pan handlers,  to you people that would rather see the crack heads afford crack rocks, that seeing me afford food, to you people.... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!      I spit on you.  I crap on you and your families graves.   You make my skin crawl.  

Want to insult me ???   Want to see me  go without ???   Want to see me suffer even more ???   That's fine,  I know where I stand....   Know where you stand with me,  You're beyond contempt!!!

To those people that enjoy the music I create, and occasionally support it.... Thank you.

To those people that treat me with disinterest, with no concern, to you....   May you and all your family suffer horrible lives.

Walt Hansen