Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Consider this an open letter to anyone and everyone.  If the police read this and have an issue with it, I can be found easily enough in downtown San Jose.  If some junkie theif reads this and finds it offensive, good.

From:  A person that has had property stolen by you, time wasted by your inconsideration, and someone that's saying NO MORE !

I am a firm believer that whatever one wants to do with their own body is up to them.  If someone wants to be a dirty stinkin heroin addict, fine.  If one wants to smoke substances that are derived from cold medicine and battery acid, go for it.  If an idiot thinks it's a good idea to smoke crack all day and all nite, fine.

I am also a firm believer that doing such a thing shouldn't be illegal. You want to destroy your brain cells by leaps and bounds on an hourly basis, let me lend you my lighter.

The thing I can not tolerate is when these junkies do it at my expense.  I work for what I have, even if it's only as a street musican.  I pay the fair market price for the food I eat, and the goods I buy.  I don't ask for help from the government,   I don't stand in line at food kitchens, and I don't stick my hand out and say  'gimme'  (as long as a short lived GoFundMe page doesn't count).

The fact that you junkie theives steal from me is beyond my level of tolerance.  In just the past few months I've had a phone stolen while I've slept,  food taken when it was all I had to eat that day, and just recently, a bicycle that I paid for, in a bike shop that I volunteer at, and don't get paid for, stolen (less than 24 hours after taking full possession of said bike).

If you need something, maybe ask, and if I have extra, I give back, but to just  'grab and dash' is beyond what a semi intelligent human being does.


To you junkie theives, I'm looking for you.  For you junkie theives that set up your boom boxes and make it difficult or impossible for me to be profitable, I'm coming for you.

Don't consider this a threat, consider it a promise.  It's time for you parasitic scum to go elsewhere. The city of San Jose no longer has the welcome mat out for you.   Run you pigs, I won't chase, but you need to leave this city.   If you are still here, and I come across you, you'll understand what 'declaration of war' means for you.

You want to steal from me, I say  'reach for it', but I'm watching, and when you are caught, you'll find out what happens to your ilk.

Go away....   You're not safe here anymore....   I've had all that I'm willing to take, and am now going to take back.   Run scum bags, run like your livelihood depends on it, for it does.

Are you a junkie that is reading this and wants your say, fine...., and I'll tell you when and where I'll explain it to you in a more up close and personal manner.

To those that read this, and think  'well, thats nice, you can't do it alone', to those I say,  "maybe not, but for you to say  'its your problem', you're just as pathetic as the scum are.    If the good people of a community stand up together, in unity, and say to these scum 'GET OUT', we just might be able to live in a city where people want to come out at night.  We could live in a city where shops and businesses can thrieve, their profits will go up, and costs will be maintained.  To those that say  'I won't help' then you deserve to have the junkie thieves living on your doorstep.

NO MORE !  Junkie thieves, welfare frauds, 'do-nothings', inconsiderate asocial waste,  your time is up.  GET OUT !

Walt Hansen
San Jose, CA