Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An Open Letter to Mayor Sam Liccardo, the Council Members of San Jose, CA, the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, and friends

Good day…  I hope this message finds you healthy and at peace.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Walt Hansen.  I am a resident of San Jose, I work here, I  sleep here, I am part of San Jose.  Some of the people that are reading this may know me.  I believe some of the people that know me may say I am a kind hearted, friendly, contributing member of society.  That what I bring to San Jose is noteworthy, that I enhance   the  area of downtown San Jose, to those people, I most humbly say ‘thank you very much for your kind words’.  Some may say I’m an unwelcome annoyance, and to those I have no response.

The occupation that I have found myself in is that of a street musician.   I stand in various locations in downtown San Jose and play a flute.  My music ranges from pop to jazz.  I’ve been told by many that it improves the atmosphere, and adds that ‘extra something’ to the place.  

I drop a hat at my feet, and live off what donations are placed there.  I never ask for a dime, not one.  I also refuse to ask for social services help.  Not food stamps, nothing.  Welfare wasn’t meant for people like me.  Welfare was meant for mothers with children, not for people that are capable of standing, and hustling out a living out of what’s there. 

Recently I was handed a notice, of an ordinance that’s gone into effect for the upcoming superbowl week.  This ordinance states that I will not be able to legally play anywhere in downtown San Jose, from approximately February 2nd, through February 9th.

I suggest to you, that this is a decision that needs to be re-examined.  Is this the way you wish to treat the people that make San Jose their home the other   51 weeks of the year ?
The notion that the powers that be of San Jose would tell me, a veteran, that asks for nothing, and does contribute to the city of San Jose, that I am not welcome to earn a living during one of the biggest celebrations in the country, is beyond belief.  

San Jose is telling me,  ‘we’re having a party, please stay away’.  San Jose is telling me, ‘you’re not good enough for us’.  San Jose is telling me, ‘we don’t care that you served your country, we don’t care that you add to the flavor of downtown day in and day out’.  San Jose is telling me,  ‘go to hell’.
So  Mayor Liccardo, council members of San Jose,  National Football League,  Super Bowl 50 Host Committee,  are you going to tell a normally accepted member of downtown San Jose that he can stand outside, and look in, but please don’t expect to be welcomed at your party ?  

I welcome discussion on this subject.  Feel free to walk up to me while I’m out playing music, and I’ll certainly listen to your point of view.  I can regularly be found  in various spots on the  Paseo de San Antonio, as well as a few other spots. 
I am personable enough, if the various interviews and questions I’ve had are any  proof.

I want to be part of this city.  

I enjoy downtown San Jose, and many residents of downtown have enjoyed what I do.   Do the right thing, and make it legal for me to play in downtown during this celebration.  

Walt Hansen
Facebook  walthansen55

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hiya y'all.....    once again, if you're reading this, email me and tell me what ya think.... and pass it along, share it, etc.....    and I'll wrote more, not fewer.

Recently some well intended persons posted a short story on the  'San Jose Jungle' on facebook.

I'm certain that the person that wrote it wasn't overly delusional.  I'm sure that the person that created the story had (or has) the usual level of brain cells that are required to operate a computer (and these days, that's not really alot).

I'm almost certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that the person that created the story probably spent no more than an hour or so in the  actual  jungle, or for that matter in any of the other areas where the people in question inhabit on a day to day basis.

So....   Upon reading this FB story, I replied, stating that once you got to know a  large number of these people that make up the populous of the jungle, you wouldn't feel so sorry for them.   Once you went out and actually saw what alot of the people do with their time, and their welfare checks, that just maybe you'd take a slightly different view of the problem.

How can I say this.   I am part of the homeless community in San Jose.  Do I reside in the 'Jungle'.... Oh, hell no.... there are enough videos of the place to let anyone know what the place is like....   Imagine spending your evenings in the city dump....   Though the dump is probably a far sight cleaner than the jungle.    Do I know these people that reside there.  Yes.   Do I see them on a daily (hourly) basis.  Yes.  Do I converse and socialize with them.  No, but then I don't socialize with anyone.  I'd rather sit out the middle of the Mojave desert and not deal with humans at all, if I had my way  (and I'm not certain I'm not moving back to the desert soon).

So, my reply to the FB story was,  a large percentage of these people that are living in these dumps are not the 'Woody Guthrie's of today, they're not the  dust bowl escapees of the 21st century.  Alot of them are people that spend their time being stoned or drunk, or both, and when they're not they're pursuing the funds to be stoned or drunk or both.    They're thieves, they're beggars, they welfare frauds.

How can I say this ?   I live in this area.  I see them constantly.   They don't hide the fact they're drug addicts, at least they don't hide it from other homeless persons.   Someone in a nice suite walks up to one of them, and they instantly turn on the  'we're down on our luck, and trying to raise money to get to Oregon where a job awaits them' story.   Amazingly, no matter how much money these beggars and thieves raise, they're still here, they're still stoned, and they're still content with what they're doing....   Sponging off society and contributing nothing.

So,  after my reply to the FB story, I had a number of people suggest that I was some right wing extremist.  That I was out of touch with the suffering in San Jose.   That I must be out there tossing small children and pets onto the open bon fires of the jungle.

First accusation:  Right wing ?  You have to be kidding.  I'd still vote for George McGovern (if he were still alive and running for office).  Anyone that calls me right wing is so out of touch, that I don't think they're going to find daylight anytime soon, given a road map and a seeing eye dog.  Right wing indeed.
Secondly:  Out of touch with the suffering here.  Come live my life for a day.... then try it for a few years worth of days.   You can bed down on the same slab on concrete that I'm on, theres room for two, or three there.  Eat  what I eat.  One meal a day.  That's what I can afford, because I won't go and stick my hand out, welfare wasn't meant for people that can hustle a living, It was meant for the mothers and their children that needed assistance to eat.  I'll go hustle a living, and live as best I can.  Out of touch with the suffering.  Say that to my face, and I'll spit in your eye.
Finally:  Tossing children and pets on the bonfire.   I give back, do you ?  One of the ways I give back...  I collect my pennies, nickles, and dimes in a plastic bottle. It adds up, not real quick, but it adds up. There are more than a few persons that have been recipients of these bottles.  One woman I know with a young daughter.   One guy I know that never asks for a thing, but gets by.  I've even taken my bottle of coins, and left it on the donation basket at a local churchs book store.  Do I give back: YES.   Figuring the   penny, nickle, and dime collection per week probably constitutes  a good 5 to 10% of my income, hell yes I give back.... Wonder if the flamers on FB contribute as much....  Don't blame them if they don't, but don't accuse me of not caring, not until you know what your'e talking about.

One of the questions that came up from one of the FB flamers was,  'why are you homeless'.   That's easy.   I was once an engineer in the analytical instrument business (molecular analyzers).  The cut backs of the  early 2000's saw my job go elsewhere, so I moved on to lower paying jobs, but jobs that kept a roof over my head, and food in my mouth.  Then as age will do to some, critical parts of me stopped working quite as well.  My vision is not what it once was.   My hands don't work anywhere near as well as what they used to.   The American business system being what it is, tends to say  'thanks but no thanks' to those that served a purpose for alot of years, but can no longer do the same.  Sure, I'm homeless but I manage.  I'm homeless but I don't sit and beg, I don't steal, and I don't earn my  daily bread off the back of someone else.   I stand in different places and play soothing  quiet easy listening music on a musical instrument, I toss a hat on the ground, and if people want to put something in it, then thats fine, but I NEVER EVER ask for money from people.

So....  Yeah, I know what I'm talking about.  I see it first hand, up close and personal.  I see what a good percentage of the people living in filth in  the modern day  'Hoover-villes'  are doing with their money, how much they're trying, how much they're contributing.

You want to call me  'right wing' or  'out of touch'.... Fine, go right ahead.   There was a term that I used to blanch at, being fairly left of moderate, but these FB flamers seem to fit the name.  Bleeding heart liberals.   They are completely out of touch with the problems of society.  They'll readily tell you that everyone that isn't trying to be a functioning member of society is just misunderstood.  They'll be the first to tell us that welfare recipients shouldn't be drug tested.

I'm a conservative ????  Like hell I am.  I just happen to be able to see what's going on, by being there in the middle of it,  not telling others how terrible society is for letting these people down, by skipping through the jungle once every few years.

You want to find out what life is like as a member of the homeless community.  Follow me around for a day or so.  Clothing, shelter, and food not included, and leave your rose colored glasses at home.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Consider this an open letter to anyone and everyone.  If the police read this and have an issue with it, I can be found easily enough in downtown San Jose.  If some junkie theif reads this and finds it offensive, good.

From:  A person that has had property stolen by you, time wasted by your inconsideration, and someone that's saying NO MORE !

I am a firm believer that whatever one wants to do with their own body is up to them.  If someone wants to be a dirty stinkin heroin addict, fine.  If one wants to smoke substances that are derived from cold medicine and battery acid, go for it.  If an idiot thinks it's a good idea to smoke crack all day and all nite, fine.

I am also a firm believer that doing such a thing shouldn't be illegal. You want to destroy your brain cells by leaps and bounds on an hourly basis, let me lend you my lighter.

The thing I can not tolerate is when these junkies do it at my expense.  I work for what I have, even if it's only as a street musican.  I pay the fair market price for the food I eat, and the goods I buy.  I don't ask for help from the government,   I don't stand in line at food kitchens, and I don't stick my hand out and say  'gimme'  (as long as a short lived GoFundMe page doesn't count).

The fact that you junkie theives steal from me is beyond my level of tolerance.  In just the past few months I've had a phone stolen while I've slept,  food taken when it was all I had to eat that day, and just recently, a bicycle that I paid for, in a bike shop that I volunteer at, and don't get paid for, stolen (less than 24 hours after taking full possession of said bike).

If you need something, maybe ask, and if I have extra, I give back, but to just  'grab and dash' is beyond what a semi intelligent human being does.


To you junkie theives, I'm looking for you.  For you junkie theives that set up your boom boxes and make it difficult or impossible for me to be profitable, I'm coming for you.

Don't consider this a threat, consider it a promise.  It's time for you parasitic scum to go elsewhere. The city of San Jose no longer has the welcome mat out for you.   Run you pigs, I won't chase, but you need to leave this city.   If you are still here, and I come across you, you'll understand what 'declaration of war' means for you.

You want to steal from me, I say  'reach for it', but I'm watching, and when you are caught, you'll find out what happens to your ilk.

Go away....   You're not safe here anymore....   I've had all that I'm willing to take, and am now going to take back.   Run scum bags, run like your livelihood depends on it, for it does.

Are you a junkie that is reading this and wants your say, fine....   walthansen753@yahoo.com, and I'll tell you when and where I'll explain it to you in a more up close and personal manner.

To those that read this, and think  'well, thats nice, you can't do it alone', to those I say,  "maybe not, but for you to say  'its your problem', you're just as pathetic as the scum are.    If the good people of a community stand up together, in unity, and say to these scum 'GET OUT', we just might be able to live in a city where people want to come out at night.  We could live in a city where shops and businesses can thrieve, their profits will go up, and costs will be maintained.  To those that say  'I won't help' then you deserve to have the junkie thieves living on your doorstep.

NO MORE !  Junkie thieves, welfare frauds, 'do-nothings', inconsiderate asocial waste,  your time is up.  GET OUT !

Walt Hansen
San Jose, CA

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hi there...

Yes, I know I haven't been posting here like I should.  I have other important things to do, such as watching the grass grow,  documenting the rusting of aluminum, and well.... you get the idea.

So, today lets hit on something that will be a sore subject to some, and incredibly politically inccorect on my part, but the fact as I see it.

I have on occasion seen videos that show some street person sitting in a doorway whose asking for food...  and the people that ignore them.

Now  I am a street person.  When I lay my head down at nite to sleep I'm doing it outdoors.  When I go to work, I'm doing it in one doorway, or walkway, or public access point.   The difference between me and that person sitting there doing nothing and asking for food:  I am doing something, making the area around me be a little nicer (at least some think so),  and while I am doing my thing, I am NOT asking for food.... I never ask for anything.   If you don't read my blog and have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, let me tell you what I do do.   I stand in different places in San Jose, Mountain View, and a few other sites, I play music on either a concert flute, or a penny whistle.  I drop a hat on the ground, and those that want to put something in it can.  Those that don't, don't.  There are alot of those.   I don't put out a sign.  If  I engage someone first, before they put money in the hat (to give directions, to tell them they dropped something, etc) then I will not accept their money.  That  would be pan handling.  I lead a decent life.  I get off the street one day every week or so.  I set my own hours.  I don't want to work, I don't.   Wonder whether playing a flute is work ?  Try playing a musical instrument for six or seven hours a day every day.  See how your hands feel.  Yeah, it's work.   That being said....

The guy sitting in the doorway doing nothing.  Not, I'm not going to give anything to someone doing nothing.  I know alot of people in downtown San Jose doing just that.  I can think of one person....  He's all of 18 years old....   He makes up a sign drawn on a scrap piece of cardboard, and sits out in front of a fast food joint.  Fully capable of working.  So, one would suggest that this person should be given money for doing nothing ?    How about the meth heads of San Jose.  They smoke their welfare checks withing 48 hours of getting them, then they have to pan handle to buy their next fix.  Give to them, so they can go get high ?  No, not a chance.  Then we have the groups that hang out in the different parks in San Jose.  That's typically their main function day in, day out, other than the daily trips to the free dinner sites.

So, one may see my point of view why I wouldn't give money, food, or support to someone that's doing absolutely nothing to improve their plight.  Get up, pick up a book and stand and read aloud on a street corner.  Someone reciting from The Great Gatsby on a sidewalk would get my appreciation.  Someone playing a kazoo would get my attention.  Someone juggling, or doing card tricks certainly would.  Someone sitting down holding a sign, and doing absolutely nothing gets just that... Nothing.

Does this make me an uncaring selfish asshole ?  No.   It makes me a realist.  Success is not made from nothing.  Prosperity is not achieved from sloth.

Do nothing, get nothing.   Do something, and hopefully people will back when you need. Some will see the person on the sidewalk playing an instrument, or juggling, or doing some other skill that makes the place a tad more interesting, and some of those people will ignore that street performer.  Fine.  Me...  I see something I like and I'll give back, even when I can't really afford to.  Just today, I heard someone playing a Beatles tune on a harmonica....  I took a dollar out of my hat, and handed it to them as they walked past, saying how I really liked how it sounded.   Do something, get something.

If this approach makes me a bad person, so be it.    I'll not change.  I'll continue to give back as I can. I'll continue to appreciate the effort.  I'll continue to ignore those that do nothing, and ask for something for it.  

That's my approach to things....   Like it, email me.  Hate me, email me..

Til' the next blog.....   Keep the rubber side down.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

You Gouge, You Lose

Hey there to you readers.... again, if you're reading this on again/off again blog, email me and let me know.

This is a new and different topic for me, at least on any of my blogs.  No, it's not about cheap skate twits that stand and listen to me play, then walk away without putting crap in the hat, or those that listen and put twelve cents in the hat (that happened about an hour ago, as usual).  It's not about the joys of being in Mountain View, or the perils of hanging in downtown San Jose.  It's something completely new.

Gougers.   Business owners and merchants that believe no matter how ludicrous there pricing structure is, that they should price there services and goods at rediculous prices.  Two in peticular are going to be targeted by this blog.

The first.  Parking lots.  In downtown San Jose, at Market and San Carlos, there is a pay parking lot.  Most days, its has almost reasonable rates.   Me, I haven't driven a car in years, so it affects me not at all, but still, to see the gouging that this particular lot goes to is disgusting.  I was sitting across the road from this lot approximately a week ago.   I watched as they fiddled with their sign, that sits in the middle of the sidewalk obstructing pedestrian traffic.  When they finally set their sign in place, I was amazed to read it.  Parking: $50.   Fifty dollars for parking ????   There is absolutely no excuse for doing this.  If you're reading this, and driving in to  downtown San Jose, and have more money in your pocket than you know what to do with,  DONT by any means park at  Market and San Carlos.  People need to send the message loud and clear.  You Gouge, You Lose.  You gouge, people boycott your services or goods.  You Gouge, You're Scum.   People like this are the same ones that would charge you $20 for batteries after an earthquake, or $30 for a gallon of milk under like scenarios.  Gougers don't deserve to make a buck.  They deserve to be driven out of business.  \

Now for the other, that DOES directly affect me.  San Jose Motel rates.  As you may or may not realize, I live outdoors.  I'm comfortable, and usually don't look like your 'run of the mill'  street bum.  It's not difficult to be homeless and still maintain a clean and presentable picture.  I try to not be a street person a few days per month, depending on how profitable my days are.  Sometimes, I'll got two, three, and even more weeks without having a day off the street.  When I do get off the street, and sleep in a real bed,  and  destress it's at one of the motels in San Jose.  Sure, the ones that I go to are not five star joints.  Some are rather dodgey, but as long as they relatively clean, have hot water for multiple showers, and an operational tv, it'll do.   What makes this practice exceedingly difficult are price gougers.   These days, for the worst dives in  San Jose, you're looking at  a minimum of  $85 per night.  Yeah, thats not a typo,  $85.    There was one motel in San Jose that I used to be a regular at.  The  EZ8 motel on north first street.   That is until they raised their prices to such a degree that I no longer can afford it.  The last time I went past the  EZ8 (on the light rail, on the way to Mountain View), they had the sign in front of their  'lobby'  posted as  $95.  Considering they charge about  $12 for Motel tax, ones looking at  $107 per nite.  For the conditions of the EZ8,  this price is way way way over what is reasonable.  It really makes me want to walk in to their lobby, look the manager right in the  eye, and ask them how they look themselves in the mirror for gouging as they do.   So, I do get off the street when I can, unfortunatel as of late, thats not been more than once per month, but when I do hit a motel, its NOT the  EZ8.   You Gouge, You Lose.  

The moral of the story.  Just because you can charge rediculous rates, doesn't mean you should.  Have some social responsibility.  Do what you'd like done to you.   If you know of a gouger, let me know and I'll put them on my  web page  "Wall of Shame".  If you know a gouger, just don't buy from them.  Simply take the approach,  'You Gouge, You Lose'.

Below are two pics of the locations I've mention here.  Neither pic reflects the  ludicrous pricing.  The pic for the EZ8 has a very reasonable price on it.  I guess it's been awhile since the Google car has passed by there.   The parking lot has it's pricing listed as  $25 (not certain for what time period that is).   Another case of the google car not being around when the objectionable sign was out.

So,  if you're driving into downtown San Jose, you know where NOT to park.
If you're looking for a place to stay in San Jose, you know where NOT to stay.

Send these people the message.  You Gouge,  You Lose.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pay them, ignore those..... What, are you stupid ?

Hi there again....

You've read this before, maybe.   If you're one of the regular readers of this blog (and I know there are a few of you), email me and tell me you're there.

Anyhowz, I have another notion that I'd just like to state, if for no other reason than to say that I did.

Some work and get paid, some work and get paid incredibly nice wages, some get paid really crappy wages.   If you've read my previous posts, you'll know where I place myself in that list, but this one isn't about my plite.

This perspective comes in regards to athletes.  

Major league baseball player -  Hit a ball, catch a ball, stand out in a grass field and now and again run a bit, and get paid millions of dollars per year.   The worse that happens to you is maybe a sun burn if an inning goes on a bit long.   Maybe an ingrown nail for those that get paid to sit on the bench.    Must be a truly rough life.

Badwater135 Ultramarathon -  Run, and run, then run some more.  Run through the hottest place on the planet,  for hours on end, with no let up.  The sun beats down on the runners.  The usual that happens -  Dehydration requiring IV fluids,  blisters on blisters,  stomach cramps, leg cramps, hallucinations,  and thats just in the first day of the event.  Most Badwater runners will be out on the race course for over two days.  The winners still typically see the heat of the day twice in the span of a race.  This is one of the toughest events ANYWHERE.  Some would argue that it is THE TOUGHEST.    Some would say the Spartathlon, some would say  Western States 100,  Me,  I'll take Badwater as the king of the events.

So, just for the sake of sheer randomness, lets take a baseball player from say, the SF Giants.   Matt Cain.   He gets paid 20.8 million dollars per year.  To throw a ball.  This is a pitcher so he's not really expected to be able to hit a ball with a bat.  20.8 million dollars.  You've got to be kidding me ?

Now let take a look at another athlete, just randomly.  Scott Jurek.  He's won Badwater twice, The Spartathlon once and various other ultra events around the globe.   I would challenge anyone to stand in front of me, and with a straight face, tell me that someone like Scott Jurek shouldn't be listed as one of the greatest athletes in the world.  Jurek doesn't live in poverty, but he's far far far from being in the economical  class as, oh, say... Matt Cain.

So, compare what  Matt Cain does for his money.  Now look at Scott Jurek.  This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Oh sure,  you'll say that what ever the traffic will bare...  People are willing to buy the products that the sponsors are hawking at the events.   People watch baseball, alot of people do.   Not so many watch Badwater.   Whats more difficult to do,  throw a baseball around over the space of an afternoon, or  run through death valley in the middle of summer.  Consider that a rhetorical question.

So,  go out and watch baseball.  Have a beer, and some popcorn, and a hot dog.  Realize that a good portion of that $5 for the beer is going into the pocket of an over paid, over pampered, under trained, under utilized, pathetic excuse for an athlete.    Go out and watch baseball, and if you happen to be watching that game during the first weekend of July, remember there are athletes running through death valley, for hours on end.  They do it not because someone is going to pay them 20.8 million dollars, they do it for the sport, because they can.  When you're done watching that baseball game,  and stretching out  and  think about how those baseball stars are so amaing, remember:  Pro baseball players aren't even close to being worth what they're being paid.  Not even close.  You want to look at REAL athletes,  look up  Badwater on the web.   Those are athletes.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Me and the San Jose Bike Clinic... A nice story

Hi there...

First of all, if you follow this blog, and there are a few (3, I think) that do, you'll know that it's where I vent when pissed, angry, disgruntled, or just bored.  

For this posting, none of those apply.  This is a story about a very enjoyable encounter I've had in the past few months, one that I hope continues on into the future.

For the sake of clarity, and/or brevity, if this is being C&P'd to another venue, feel free to leave these first few lines out, otherwise....

Me and The Bike Clinic.

I still do on occasion, but not as much anymore, ply my trade as a street musician near the Camera12 theatres in San Jose.

In the winter of  2014, I happened to notice a group of bicycles, a few bike stands, and a miniature troop of bike mechanics in an area of the Camera12 theatre.

I once attempted to ask someone what they were doing in there, but the person didn't hear me, and pedaled away.

I'd say it was about two weeks later that I happened to catch the ear of one of the SJBC's people.  I learned that what the bike clinic was about, and that yes, they were accepting volunteers.

Now, I don't really hit on cycling much on this blog, but it is a rather well known fact among my friends, that I'm a bit of a cycling fan.  Actually it would be more accurately described as a rabbid cycling fan, closely akin to that of a English soccer hooligan.  I salivate at the notion of Paris Roubaix, I await incredibly impatiently for July and  Le Tour de France.  

I am also fairly well versed on working on bicycles.  My dream job would be to be shown to a bench with a truing stand, with boxes and boxes of spokes, hubs, and rims, and to be told to start building wheels...   Don't tell any possibly employer, but a job like that I'd do for next to nothing.   I LOVE WHEEL BUILDING.

So, after a discussion with the guy I refer to as  "Out Top Bannana",  I volunteered to work the next weekend.

Ah, the first day, I wrenched on a couple of bicycles.  The first time in a couple of years.  Don't tell Danny "The Top Bannana" but I would have paid to be allowed to be there.

The next day, I think is where I somewhat convinced a few that I might be in the right place.  We had a woman come in with a road bike, that wanted to learn how to do regular maintenance.   The whole idea behind the bike clinic is for people to come in and either just use the tools that are available, or to come in and we'll teach them how to use those tools.   Well, a moment after the one woman was in the shop, I had her bike up on a stand, and basically went through brake repair and adjustment, derailer adjustment,  chain cleaning and lubing, and general bicycle checkout.   Just what we wanted to do,  teach people how to do it themselves.

So, I became a bit of a  SJBC staple, manning the shop on the weekends.  Performing the odd jobs, such as hanging lights and such.  All in all, had a very nice time.

As George Harrison wonderfully pointed out,  'all things must pass',  and proving to this, the SJBC is not open these days.  We hope to re-open  the doors soon, and still have 'skill share' days on occasion.  Me,  I'm not so involved these days.  I read about what's being done to raise funds to re-open, and when it's relevant I put my two cents in.   Me, I'd rather be just the wrench, with lots of bicycle stories, and a passion for the sport.

One thing I can say about downtown San Jose,  it really sucks in a major way, but in the middle of that giant suck, there are a few really nice islands of paradise.  One of those islands was and is the San Jose Bicycle Clinic.    If you're out and about, and we're having a skill share, stop by.  If you hear we have the doors open again, stop on in.  Always have room for another bike, and always have time for another turn of the wrench.

Until then, keep on riding....
keep the rubber side down....
and never ever walk up to a full grown bison and smack him on the nose with a stick.


Monday, April 6, 2015

How to be rude to a street musician

Hi there...

Again, I see people (a few) are actually reading this stuff, so I start the same thing up again... If you're reading this, email me and let me know....  walthansen753@yahoo.com.

Anyhowz, todays blog is  'how to be rude to a street musician'.

People in downtown San Jose are truly great at this.  If this were an olympic event, these people would be the Eric Heiden mixed with Bob Beaman contestants.....  Truly gold medalists.

The first discipline:

First, you have to find the street musician.  It's best if you find one that is playing out there for the real purpose of raising money to eat, and for shelter,  not the  'once a week' pretender, thats out there trying to raise money for another video game cartridge.
Once the musician is found, you'll need a couple of items....  An mp3 player, preferably something that is bluetooth capable, and then a set of  bluetooth speakers.
Wait for the musican to be in a complex and/or truly remarkable piece of music.
NOW....  Fire up that mp3 player, connect via bluetooth to the speakers, and start blasting that lovely rap music, the more offensive the better, and loudly, as loud as your speakers can go.
The street musician will be so amused, and grateful that they get to take a break while you're blasting everyones ear drums with  M en M,  or  Justin Beiber, or just some joyous rap tune that promotes shooting innocent people, or cops.
If  anyone complains that you're playing your crap too loudly,  just flip them off, and turn it up louder.  Isn't that what the first ammendment is all about, after all ?

Second event.    It starts out much like the first one.  Find the street musician.  Wait for them to be playing a tune.  Again, this is best done to street musicians that are trying to earn money for food and lodging.
Stand near the street musician.  Maybe dance a bit.  Tap your feet.   To really earn extra points, when the street musician is between tunes, tell them how much you enjoyed what they were playing.
Next, pull some  money out of  your  wallet/purse.  Bend down as if to put it in the street musicians hat/box/etc....   ah hah!  And stop.    Put the money back in your pocket, and walk away.  The street musician will find this especially nice.  (Yes, I have seen this a few times this past week alone).

And finally the third event.  This doesn't take muck skill and practice,  no real finesse, but it will cost you just a bit.   Yes, see part one of  the first two practices,  search/find/be rude.
This is the simplest of all the disciplines really.   Reach into your pocket and find a few pennies and maybe a nickle or two.  Anything larger than a dime just wont do.  It's best if the total is less than seven cents.   Drop your donation into the street musicians hat, and then act like you've just saved their day.   Remember,  less is better....  Less than five pennies really makes you an expert at this stage.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking.  People couldn't really be this rude.  There's no way I've actually seen this.....  But you would be wrong, with a big stinkin W.   Yes, I do see all three of these things, almost daily.   Not in nice places like Mountain View, or Palo Alto, but in downtown San Jose, yes I do.

Which leads me to the usual conclusion of my blogs.   My approach towards the vast majority of the people in downtown San Jose.  YOU SUCK!  I  piss on your graves, and all the graves of your ancestors and descendants.

Oh, and by the way,  if you're one of the nice people I run into in Mountain View,  thank you.  You're really really nice.

And remember, if you read this,  email me....  Or not.

If you read this, and are one of the people that practice these events regularly, especially in SJ..... uh, in not so many words,  GO FUCK YOURSELF.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today.... just another insult

Hi there....

If you're one of the people that once followed my previous blog, welcome to this one....  Email me and let me know you're there.

I'm still in San Jose,  I'm still doing the street musician thing,  I'm still on a constant chase for the cheap flute smith, to make good leaky flutes into  non-leaking, great flutes.

One would think, as time goes by, that the people of downtown San Jose would get even just a tiny bit wiser.  That they would come just a bit closer to opening their eyes, but no, they seem to get even more ignorant, less caring than ever.

In the past week or so, every time that I have set up somewhere and played music, I end up with the pan handlers descend upon me.  That I can deal with.  What I can not deal with is watching people shove money into the hands of pan handlers, while I play music for nothing !   I wouldn't object all that much to making nothing, but to hand money over to people that are doing nothing, and ignoring me is beyond insulting.

So....  To you people of San Jose, to you people that gladly pull money out of your pockets to support the pan handlers,  to you people that would rather see the crack heads afford crack rocks, that seeing me afford food, to you people.... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!      I spit on you.  I crap on you and your families graves.   You make my skin crawl.  

Want to insult me ???   Want to see me  go without ???   Want to see me suffer even more ???   That's fine,  I know where I stand....   Know where you stand with me,  You're beyond contempt!!!

To those people that enjoy the music I create, and occasionally support it.... Thank you.

To those people that treat me with disinterest, with no concern, to you....   May you and all your family suffer horrible lives.

Walt Hansen